This picture was taken in 1981, the first year I began teaching  at Richard Gibson’s studio in Palo Alto, California. When we  returned to New York City that Fall, I never dreamed I would be starting a teaching career the following March! I kept performing until 1990!! Now, twenty five years later I have documented and copyrighted my innovative work as ‘THE CHRISTINA BERNAL METHOD’. 
My greatest blessing and joy has been to give dancers back their careers when their doctors told them their injuries were permanent.
Interestingly, I have  NEVER worked with a dancer who was severely injured through an accident like being hit by a car, or from falling downstairs, but ALL injuries were due to inaccurate work habits.
I was most fortunate to work with Maggie Black for eighteen years, and  the five principles of alignment  she taught have been the foundation from which I developed my Method, and expanded and grew as a teacher and healer. In 1982 I began my specialty, working with injured dancers. Dr. William Hamilton was the resident doctor at New York City Ballet where my husband  was a member, and he was amazed at the rapid recovery from a dancer with a third degree sprained ankle. When he found out she had started back with my class, he called Marika Molner, the physical therapist at New York City Ballet and a close associate of his, and asked that she watch my class. The next day Marika came and saw--and by the end of that week I was a part of their process in rehabilitating dancers. It was a great honor a few years later, when the FIRST Dance Medicine seminar was held in New York City, to be the only non-medical person  asked to be on the panel.
My Method teaches dancers HOW the body works and the ALIGNMENT that PREVENTS injuries from occurring. Dancers who have stayed with my training have remained injury free. I am now sixty one, and continue to perform my Sacred Dance throughout the world, and I have NEVER  sustained an injury. I am NOT the exception, but 
the example. Because the Method is based on how our amazing bodies are meant to function, I am happy to say that my work has also been able to help non-dancers! Dancing is one of the most beautiful ways to express Beauty and it can be done WITHOUT injury. A dancer CAN have a  wonderful long career, and retire INJURY FREE!
After teaching in New York for 22 years, including  a seven year association with American Ballet Theatre, we returned to the Bay area in 2002.
In 2004 one of my Swedish dancers, Ola Beccau,  retired and asked if he could begin a Dance Seminar in order to spread my Method. That summer 15 attended--the following year Sebastian Michanek, a soloist with the Royal Swedish Ballet, came on board and used his computer skills to create  a website and  launched the GOTLAND INTERNATIONAL DANCE SEMINAR, based on my work. Last year 118 dancers participated and eleven countries were represented. This year nineteen dancers from China will attend. I am so grateful to go each summer and work with the professional dancers from so many Companies, and to be reunited with so many I have trained throughout my career. Several  have now been authorized to teach The Method---Renato Paroni in England, Ola Beccau in Sweden, Kathrine Smythe in Memphis Tennessee...last year we  added two weeks  of open classes   in Stockholm!! This year, 2008, I decided to do a three week  BERNAL INTENSIVE’  only in Stockholm.
Dancers from all over continue to come to California to study with me privately at Ruth Fischer”s  DANCENTER in Santa Cruz, California. It is truly with a GRATEFUL heart that I enter the ballet studio each day, turn on a tape and begin my barre..http://www.danceseminar.comhttp://www.danceseminar.comhttp://www.newballet.orghttp://www.newballet.org
Gotland International Dance Seminar

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